The Women’s Student Assembly (WSA) is one of eight assemblies within Program Board– a branch of the Undergraduate Student Government at USC. WSA was founded by women who sought to create change around issues that women faced. As an organization, WSA has grown and expanded our focus. Inspired by feminists and powered by students, WSA works on and off campus to address feminist issues, to engage the community, and to empower those oppressed by the patriarchy.

Founded in 1990, the mission of the Women’s Student Assembly is to address the emerging concerns of USC students oppressed under the patriarchy by working to strengthen the network of feminist and ally identifying students, faculty, staff, and organizations. With a network of diverse organizations and a proactive stance in sponsoring political, educational, social, and community events, WSA seeks to raise the awareness, impact, and voices of those oppressed by the patriarchy. The Women’s Student Assembly is a queer and trans inclusive organization working towards intersectional, collective liberation.

We are called the Women’s Student Assembly because that is the name that it was founded upon. However we welcome people of all gender identities who experience some form of sexism.